Moldova: Step into antiquity!

    Moldova: A quest back in time

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    Stroll the Moldovan vineyards and taste rare wines in the underground storage vaults of Cricova and Milestii Mici. Delve into the long glorious history of Moldova exploring the numerous medieval castles and churches in the country and master crafting authentic Moldovan dishes such as mamaliga, branza, and ghivechi. Experience the vibrant nightlife of Chisinau and go for a cuppa at its thriving cafe scene.

    DAY 1
    Arrival at Chisinau

    • Arrival at Chisinau. Our tour escort will host you from the outside airport.
    • Transfer from the airport to the hotel.
    • Check-in at the hotel.
    • Free time to explore the city on your own.
    • Overnight at the hotel.

    DAY 2
    Chisinau - Tighina - Tiraspol - Purcari

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Transfers from Chisinau to Tighina.
    • Excursion at Tighina Fortress.
    • This is the old medieval fort of Tighina fortress, which was first built in the 15-16th centuries by the princes of Moldavia.
    • Transfers from Tighina to Tiraspol.
    • Excursion in Tiraspol- back in USSR in Tiraspol you will have the opportunity to travel in time back to USSR. You will start by visiting the monument of Vladimir Lenin and tanks left from the second world war. The city seems to be a ghost of the Soviet past.
    • Transfers from Tiraspol to Purcari.
    • Excursion of wine tasting at Purcari winery if you are a wine enthusiast or just love to be in beautiful, pristine surroundings, listening songs of a thousand birds, Purcari is definitely the place you need to visit.
    • The restaurant is also complemented with skillfully prepared Moldovan and International cuisine.
    • Transfers from Purcari to Chisinau.

    DAY 3
    Panoramic Tour of Chisinau

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • The panoramic tour of Chisinau.
    • The panoramic tour where you will see in brief the main cultural-historical and commercial places of interest an important role in terms of architecture development
      has the famous architect Bernardazzi.
    • Transfers from Chisinau to Orheiul Vechi.
    • Culinary master class at Butuceni/Trebujeni.
    • Excursion at Orheiul Vechi - a 40 thousand-year-old natural amphitheatre.
    • Transfers from Butuceni to Cricova.
    • Excursion and wine tasting at Cricova winery.
    • In Cricova underground galleries you will see over seventy streets covering an area of nearly 53 hectares, each bearing Bacchic names Sauvignon, cabernet, you can admire one of the oldest bottles of wine in Moldova, dating from 1902. There is one story always told in this place about the Russian pilot Yuri Gagarin. You will also have the chance to taste this wine in one of these halls.
    • Transfers from Cricova to Chisinau.
    • Transfers to the hotel.
    • Free time to explore the city on your own.
    • Overnight at the hotel.

    DAY 4
    Chisinau - Clisova Noua

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Transfers from Chisinau to Clisova Noua.
    • “Arta Rustica“ craftman by Clisova-Noua.
    • Handmade carpets in the village of Clisova noua are the special interest and beauty. The fabrics of the wool woven in the Republic of Moldova were included in the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.
    • Transfers from Clisova Noua to Soroca.
    • Hike to the “Candle of gratitude” The monument was erected on a steep cliff on the bank of the Dniester river, inscription before the way up as follows:” traveller, stop!
    • Excursion of Soroca fortress and Gypsy hill.
    • Soroca fortress is the “pearl of fortification art”. Not everyone knows that it is the perfect castle in South-Eastern Europe.
    • Transfers from Soroca to Chisinau.
    • Transfers to the hotel.
    • Free time to explore the city on your own.
    • Overnight at the hotel.

    DAY 5
    Departure Day

    • Breakfast at hotel and check out.
    • Free time and visit the bazaar- the central market.
    • A triumph of vegetables, fruits and products of all kinds that come every day from the surrounding countryside.
    • You may enjoy your free time by walking through the Chisinau or going shopping. In Chisinau, you‘ll find a lot of places where you can purchase some memories of
      Moldova. You can start with “Mihai Eminescu” theatre square, where you will be amazed by the great number of handicrafts and homemade souvenirs.
    • Transfers from Chisinau to Puhoi.
    • Excursion, wine tasting at Asconi winery.
    • Winery was founded. The wines and made both from local and European grape varieties like fereasca, traminer, chardonnay, pinot franc, cabernet-sauvignon and others.
    • Transfer from Puhoi to Chisinau International airport.
    • Transfers to the hotel.
    • Free time to explore the city on your own.
    • Transfer to airport for onward journey.

    Top Attractions of Moldova: Step into antiquity! Tour

    Moldova: A quest back in time

    Bendery Fortress

    Bendery is a city which is part of the historic region of Bessarabia, and today is officially known as Bender. Out of all the cities in Transdniestr, this is the greener on among them. During the civil war, the city underwent through rough turmoil and some its remains are there in the form of bullet holes. But, despite its history, yet the city is full of life with fun and friendly people

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    Moldova: A quest back in time

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