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    Flexi budget and multi destination departures for groups of all sizes

    We offer one of the largest pool of Group Tour options across the Indian Travel industry covering a round-the-year departure calendar.

    Whether you are a casual traveler, an adventure enthusiast or a business tourist, we have a group tour tailored for you. Choose your destination and leave the arrangements to us. Eliminate the stress of running around for accommodations or visas and hit the road with other passionate travelers on a budget friendly journey. At Dook, we offer guided group tours to spectacular destinations for all budgets. From planning, coordinating and arranging, we ensure a memorable experience and a hassle free journey every time. Choose from over 2000 departures across the globe covering multiple countries and destinations.

    Ready to venture out and explore the world? Plan your next experience seamlessly with Dook.

    Marvelous Moscow

    A blend of artistry, history, and majesty

    St Petersburg

    The City of the Tsars

    Incredible Almaty

    A modern destination with old-world charm!

    Vibrant Shymkent

    Welcome to the liveliest city in Central Asia

    Spiritual Bukhara

    A glimpse into the ancient anecdotes of Central Asia and the Silk Road

    Exquisite Tashkent

    A timeless testament to history

    Colorful Bishkek

    A vivid cultural hub with fascinating food and nightlife


    Gateway to the Central Asian steppes

    Flamboyant Kyiv

    A hip destination, Kyiv is the birthplace of the Slavic culture

    Picturesque Odessa

    A destination out of a fairytale adorned by shades of pastel


    A blend of Eastern and Western culture and architecture

    Spectacular Sheki

    A hidden gem in the lap of the Caucasus Mountains

    Wonderful Yerevan

    Journey to the land of lavash and wine and witness the origins of Christianity


    A portal to medieval Armenia

    Trendy Tbilisi

    A groovy, lively cosmopolitan at the heart of the Caucasus

    Breezy Batumi

    The summer destination of the Black Sea

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    Why Choose Dook

    Unlock the doors to your dream destination with DOOK!

    Dook has established itself as an International Travel Company offering finely crafted experiences to customers around the world. Dook offers all-inclusive travel opportunities to dreamy destinations around the globe.

    Over the years, Dook has planned and executed countless tours, helping more than 4 lakh customers to explore their dream destinations. We have also introduced new, magnificent destinations to the Indian market and aim to add more exciting travel experiences across the world to our catalog.

    Our primary aim is not only to increase sales but to craft memorable experiences in stunning destinations - designing itineraries covering multiple countries and facilitating the VISA process. With our presence across the destinations, we ensure a seamless travel experience. Our wide selection of Tour Packages and other travel services offer travelers a huge catalog of destinations and experiences to choose from.

    Our strength lies in Group Tours and since inception, we have successfully executed over 1000 group departures, serving more than 5 lakh travelers, including families, Corporate Groups, and FITs (Free Independent Travelers).

    We constantly strive to provide unforgettable experiences and value for money to our customers. With a major focus on traveler satisfaction, Dook aims to reach new heights over the years.

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