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    Best Honeymoon Destinations

    Honeymoon is not only about heart-shaped pillows, teddy bears and red roses but also includes a trip in an incredible location seeking a relaxed, romantic getaway. There is something or other for everyone when one plans honeymoon tour in CIS Countries.

    Places to Visit for Honeymoon in Russia

    Travellers, who had never been to Russia, may feel that the country is just one of the cold boring destinations in Europe. But it’s not the fact! Russia has some of the world’s most beautiful nature’s landscape, striking architecture and friendly people.

    Encircled by Volga River and Kazanka River, Kazan is often considered as one of Russia’s most beautiful cities. The heritage and architectural complex of the Kazan Kremlin are full of elegant towers, domes and museums besides other places of interest. Located in Moscow’s Red Square surrounded by various remarkable architecture St Basil’s Cathedral is a must visit place during your honeymoon in Russia. Vladivostok, the port city of Russia, is a mix of coastal landscape, mountain terrains, bays and modern residential buildings. Kislovodsk, is another place for you to rest and relax, enjoy the Dolphinarium or the Castle of Love and Deceit or Medovie Waterfalls. St Petersburg, the Russian port city by the Baltic Sea, has much to offer for the honeymoon traveller. Lake Baikal is the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake in the Siberian region.

    Romantic Places in Ukraine

    Most of the romantic places in Ukraine are Sofiyivka Park which resembles eternal love with full of interesting trees, flowers, hidden pathways and small lakes. Rynok Square is the heart of Lviv, Ukraine's most romantic city. Beautiful paved streets, stimulating art galleries, coffee and the sound of jazz capture your heart once and for all!

    Dubbed as 'The Tunnel of Love', a nearly two-mile stretch of private railway has turned the surrounding into out-of-the-world tree tunnel, just outside the city of Klevan in Ukraine. It's a perfect place to be with your loved one and a long stroll along its rails and undoubtedly the most romantic secluded spot in whole of Ukraine! Local legend - couples who visit the tunnel are granted a wish, provided their intentions are sincere.

    Spice up your honeymoon in ultimate honeymoon destination with CIS Honeymoon Packages, returning with memories and stories that will stay with you forever, just like your better half.

    Honeymoon in Caucasus

    Set your soul free during the romantic journey to Azerbaijan Georgia and Armenia - the Caucasus Honeymoon Tours! You will be following the footsteps of Silk Road traders and Crusader Knights while traversing the shores of the Caspian Sea and the history of Baku, along the wine fields of Kakheti, up to the magnificent High Caucasus Mountains.

    Make your honeymoon unforgettable, capturing the best of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, with outstanding Caucasus Honeymoon Package enjoying amazing cultural adventure.

    Armenia has a lot to offer to the most adventuresome couples. The landscapes are perfect for hiking, paragliding, mountain climbing. To enjoy urban adventures, Yerevan, the Armenian ancient but modern-looking capital, will welcome and treat with all the attractive pleasure of the vibrant city. Diving, swimming and sailing in Lake Sevan is a perfect choice to have a mix of relaxed and active honeymoon. The first “flight” together on the ropeway in Tatev can be breathtaking, indeed, especially if you’re on the longest aerial tramway in the world!

    Georgia in Europe is a perfect romantic destination boasting of a mix of natural beauty, range of adventure and fun activities, great food and wine, friendly people and plenty of space to rekindle romance.

    The country has enough charm to ensure a highly romantic vacation. The cobbled streets of Old Tbilisi, a funicular ride to Mtatsminda Mount and a Ferris wheel ride, a stroll at the side of beautiful lakes in Kakheti, walk on the stone paved streets of Sighnaghi and unique and uninfluenced cuisine with wonderful wine reputation.

    Azerbaijan is a charming destination for honeymooners who love to explore medieval towns and modern architecture, surrounded by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains. Its capital, Baku, is home to the ancient Inner City, a walled medieval city with historic monuments and architecture.

    Unique adventurous and adoring trip it would be if you can explore on foot and discover the heritage and history of Yerevan, Tbilisi and Baku.

    Honeymoon in Baltics

    Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - the Baltic States offer you the best to enjoy the time with your beloved one. Pick one of the incredible Baltic tours: Baltic Adventure, Baltic Capitals, Baltic Biking or even Baltic Manors Deluxe!

    Estonia is a wonderful honeymoon destination. The country's capital, Tallinn, is well known for its beautifully preserved Old Town with sights like the Town Hall on Tallinn's Old Town Square. However, Estonia's charm is not restricted just to the capital. There are a number of boutique hotels and manor houses dotted throughout the country which allow you to relax and spend some quality time in the peaceful, idyllic Estonian countryside. Whatever your interests are, Estonia is a fantastic location for couples seeking a relaxed, romantic getaway.

    Latvia has so much to offer for a relaxing romantic break. Latvia's capital Riga offers a range of 4 and 5 star hotels and plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you occupied. If you have time, why not consider extending your trip to Riga with a visit to some of the other sights of this small yet fascinating country? Lithuania is a wonderful destination for a romantic getaway. Vilnius, the capital, is packed with beautiful churches and monuments like Gediminas Tower, the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius Cathedral and the Gates of Dawn. A leisurely journey through the three Baltic States is an excellent way to spend your romantic trip, a trip which you will never forget!

    Honeymoon in Balkans

    Often when it comes to honeymoon, the most romantic places present in the Balkans are Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic.

    Mećavnik or Drvengrad in Serbia is for nature lovers. This a wooden ethnological village built by the Serbian filmmaker, composer and writer Emir Kusturica, who fell in love with the natural setting while he was shooting one of his films. An old-style narrow-gauge train gets the visitors to the village, where you can also spend the night.

    Like the rest of the Balkan countries, tourism to Bulgaria is steadily increasing. Sofia, the capital, is a modern city with a carefree feel. Ultra-wide pedestrian streets run through the centre and outdoor cafes are popular in the city’s parks and squares. Outside of Sofia, Bulgaria has a long coastline on the Black Sea with many popular beach destinations. Newlyweds opt either for exotic destinations or for a relaxing trip to sunny beaches.

    In Romania, you can find places where you can turn this romantic period of your life in the most beautiful memory ever. Black Sea welcomes couples with a humid climate, beaches, vineyards and modern resorts. Transylvania is also an outstanding destination for newlyweds because of the beauty of high mountains and waterfalls.

    The beautiful area of Bucovina is also a good choice as a location for a honeymoon in Romania. If you choose to spend your honeymoon in Maramures, you will soon forget about the urban agitation. Whether you are staying in a hotel or a hostel, or opt for a floating hotel, a honeymoon in the Delta may be the most beautiful vacation experience of your life.

    Czech Republic is a fascinating trip for newlyweds with valued castles, medieval touches, gothic, new start and elaborate architecture and countless restaurants, shops and even diversions into nature. The Czech Republic’s capital, Prague, is a hub for plenty of planes, trains and automobiles, a must-visit for every type of travelling couple.

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