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    Nur Sultan - A futuristic city deeply rooted in Kazakh culture

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    A futuristic city that artfully blends old and new, Nur Sultan beckons you to explore and experience its sights and traditions.

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    Nur Sultan is nothing short of a miracle city. The landscape of the city is like a set out of a sci-fi movie with uber modern buildings and skyscrapers touching the skies.Having been made capital as recently as 1997, the city has leapt and bounced its way to being one of the most exciting cities in Central Asia to look out for.

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    Nur Sultan is a great travel destination for anyone looking for an urban city experience but with glimpses of the Kazakh culture. The city has noteworthy museums, opulently designed buildings, beautiful mosques and lavish malls. The cuisine doesn’t disappoint either as you try some of the most renowned dishes from Central Asia.


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    Nur Sultan is perhaps the most futuristic city of Central Asia. Called Astana till a few years back, the city is an ode to modern design and architecture. From a tourism point of view, Nur Sultan is an attractive amalgamation of a modern city firmly rooted in Kazakh culture, one which promises to offer an incredible experience.

    As you take your first steps in the city, you will find yourself constantly gazing at the sky, at the multitude of mammoth buildings gleaming in the sun.

    To see futuristic design, your first stop should be the Nur Alem Museum. Not only does the spherical glass building have an interesting design, it also houses a museum befittingly dedicated to future energy. A similar glass masterpiece is the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation which is really a gargantuan pyramid made of stained glass. The building is an ode to the spirit of Kazakhstan where cultures, traditions and representatives of different religions and nationalities can coexist together.Close to the pyramid is the The library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan which is not accessible to the public unless they have received an invitation to attend some kind of an event inside the premises. However, you must see this jaw-dropping building from outside.Under the sun, It seems like a giant glistening glass eye gazing at the sky.

    After spending a few hours in the city, you will begin to appreciate that the city indeed matches up to the hype created around its phenomenal avant-garde architecture. Now for a peek in Nur Sultan’s cultural landmarks, head to the beautiful Hazrat Sultan Mosque.This white pristine mosque is strikingly different from all the uber modern buildings that you would have seen so far. It is built in typical Islamic traditional style with minarets resembling Arabian and Central Asian design. Once you are inside the Mosque, you will be left spell-bound with the intricate mosaic work and opulent crystal chandeliers. Spend a quiet hour here admiring the beauty of the structure and absorbing the calmness of the holy place.

    For a truly panoramic view of the city, go up to the observation desk of the Baiterek Monument and Observation Tower. The design of this tall white tower, cradling a golden glass orb, is inspired by a Kazakh folk tale. From the circular observation deck, 97 mt high from the ground, you get stunning panoramic views of the city. Infact, several popular architectural landmarks that you visited during the course of your trip would be visible from here. So, it will be wise to save a trip to the Baiterek tower for the last day.

    If you are thinking that Nur Sultan is just about stunning design, remember it has delectable cuisine too which will get you to ask for second helpings of every dish on the table. While in the city, do not forget to try these famous dishes - Beshbarmak, Kazy, Shuzhuk, Kuyrdak, and Pilaf.

    To buy souvenirs for your friends back home, head to one of the many lavish malls in the city particularly Keruen, Mega silk way, and Asia park mall. You can buy decorative plates, hand painted silk scarves, stuffed birds and figures of Kazakh warriors as memorabilia from this trip.

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