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    Bulgaria bound: a tale of wines and roses

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    The cradle of the Slavic civilization, Bulgaria is brimming with imposing monuments of history, amazing natural wonders, delectable dishes and a warm culture. Experience this myriad of senses in Sofia and Plovdiv, on an enigmatic excursion to the Balkan country.

    DAY 1
    Arrival to Sofia

    • Arrival at Sofia airport. Our tour escort will host you from the outside airport.
    • Transfers to the hotel.
    • Check in to the hotel.
    • Sightseeing tour of Sofia – St. Nedelya Cathedral, St. George Rotunda, Russian Church of St. Nicolas, St. Sophia Church, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Ivan Vazov National Theater.
    • Transfer to the hotel.
    • Free time to explore the city on your own.
    • Overnight stay at hotel.

    DAY 2
    Sofia – Plovdiv– Sofia

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Transfers for Plovdiv.
    • Sightseeing tour of Plovdiv visit of the old town which represents one of the most spectacular ensembles of townhouses from the period of the Bulgarian National Revival.
    • Visit of the Saints Constantine and Helena Church, the Roman Theatre, the Regional Ethnographic Museum.
    • Return to Sofia.
    • Overnight stay at the hotel.

    DAY 3
    Sofia – Rila Monastery – Sofia

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Departure for the Rila Monastery.
    • Arrival at Rila Monastery is the biggest monastery in Bulgaria, Hermit St. John of Rila, patron and protector of Bulgaria.
    • The tour includes a visit of the monastery, the main church and the monastery museum.
    • Return to Sofia.
    • Overnight stay at the hotel.

    DAY 4
    Sofia – Kazanlak – Sofia

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Departure to Kazanlak – the city of artist, roses and Thracian kings.
    • Visit of the Iskra Museum of History and of the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak. It has been part of the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage since 1979.
    • Return to Sofia.
    • Overnight stay at the hotel.

    DAY 5
    Departure Day

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Check out from the hotel.
    • Transfer to Sofia airport for your onward journey.

    Top Attractions of Beautiful Bulgaria Tour Tour

    Bulgaria bound: a tale of wines and roses

    Church St. George Rotunda

    It’s one of the oldest buildings in modern Sofia and the heart of ancient Serdica. It was built 300 years ago and it is one of a kid building that’s not had a scratch for such amount of time and well preserved. Throughout all the years, it remains to be a home of great site and civilizations. The place is adorned with detailed medieval frescoes that had been done during the Ottoman’s rule when the church was converted into a mosque.

    St. Sophia Church

    The Church of St. Sofia is situated in the center of Bulgarias was originally dedicated to the wisdom of God. It is one of the oldest churches in Sofia and its history is closely related to the history of the city. In fact Sofia is named after this church.The basic cross design of the present basilica with its two east towers and one tower-cupola is believed to be the fifth structure to be constructed on the site and was built during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the middle of the 6th century (527-565). It is thus a contemporary of the better-known Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople. Fragments of the mosaics from an older structure which found underneath the current church were discovered during archeological excavations. During the Second Bulgarian Empire (spanning the 12th to 14th centuries) the structure acquired the status of a metropolitan church. In the 14th century the church gave its name to the city. In the 16th century during Ottoman rule the church was converted into a mosque the original 12th-century frescoes were destroyed and minarets were added. In the 19th century two earthquakes destroyed one of the minarets and the mosque was abandoned. Restoration work was begun after 1900.

    Ivan Vazov National Theater

    The Ivan Vazov National Theatre is Bulgaria’s oldest as well as its national theatre. It’s located in the centre of the city and was founded by the artist from Salza I Smyah Company in 1904. Earlier, the theatre was only named National theatre. In 1923, the building was heavily damaged by a fire during an anniversary celebration. But, in 1929, it was reconstructed by a German architect, Martin Dulfer

    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Sofia

    The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. Built in Neo-Byzantine style it serves as the cathedral church of the Patriarch of Bulgaria and it is believed to be one of the 50 largest Christian church buildings by volume in the world. It is one of Sofias symbols and primary tourist attractions. The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofi

    Rila Monastery

    The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila better known as the Rila Monastery is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria. It is situated in the southwestern Rila Mountains 117 km south of the capital

    St Nedelya Church

    Sveta Nedelya Church is an Eastern Orthodox church in Sofia the capital of Bulgaria a cathedral of the Sofia bishopric of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. Sveta Nedelya is a medieval church that has suffered destruction through the ages and has been reconstructed many times. The present building of the temple is among the landmarks of Sofia. It was designed by the famous Bulgarian ar


    Plovdiv is a range of historical sights, Thracian fortresses, encompassing Roman amphitheatres and Bulgaria’s Krum the Fearsome, spreading over seven hills along the beautiful Martisa River. Plovdiv’s nightlife is very lively with parties going on for hours, nights full of jazz, indie and oodles of Balkan beers

    Plovdiv Regional Historical Museum

    The Plovdiv Regional Historical Museum is a historical museum in the city of Plovdiv Bulgaria. Established in 1951 it covers the history of Plovdiv from the 15th century until today. It has three departments each occupying a separate historic building.

    Church of St Constantine and Helena

    The Church of St Constantine and Helena is a church in Plovdiv Bulgaria. It is considered to be among the oldest churches in the city. It was built in 337 at the sight of an ancient pagan temple in the acropolis on one of the fortified hills. The church was named

    Plovdiv Regional Ethnographic Museum

    The Plovdiv Regional Ethnographic Museum is a museum of ethnography in Plovdiv Bulgaria. Since 1938 it has occupied the 1847 house of the merchant Argir Kuyumdzhioglu in the citys Old Town. The museum features six exhibitions each occupying a separate room.

    Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak

    The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak is a vaulted-brickwork beehive tomb near the town of Kazanlak in central Bulgaria. The tomb is part of a large royal Thracian necropolis in the Valley of the Thracian Rulers near their ancient capital of Seuthopolis in a region where more than a thousand tombs of kings and members of the Thracian aristocracy can be found.

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    Bulgaria bound: a tale of wines and roses

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